Become a Peer Reviewer

The quality of HLRC depends on a sound peer review process, and HLRC editors are constantly looking for new peer reviewers. The editors seek peer reviewers who are experts in research, policies, and practice consistent with the journal’s focus and scope. The editors will also consider doctoral students majoring in education.

HLRC editors offer training and support for new reviewers who have never conducted a review.

What is peer review?

Peer review is a type of quality assurance process that helps ensure the integrity of the scientific dissemination process. With the help of peer reviewers, editors evaluate whether a manuscript is appropriate to the journal’s focus and scope, assess the manuscript’s merits, and decide whether or not to publish the manuscript.

Why become a reviewer?

Peer reviewers play a major role in academic publishing. They guard the scientific process, assure the integrity of academic journals, assess and validate the quality of research, and prevent the dissemination of irrelevant or inaccurate information.

By becoming a peer reviewer, individuals improve their research skills, keep up to date with the latest research trends, gain reputation as experts in their fields, and advance their careers as researchers and scholars.

HLRC is a recognized journal on the Publons site, a peer-reviewer profile service that allows reviewers to publicize their peer review work. Publons works in partnership with publishers to advance the commitment to and recognition of peer review. HLRC editors encourage reviewers to promote their work through Publons.

How to become an HLRC peer reviewer

The editors encourage interested individuals to review the Peer Reviewer Manual and Reviewing Manuscripts for Academic Journals, a training webinar conducted by Dr. Gary J. Burkholder, author, researcher, editor, and experienced peer reviewer.

To volunteer as a peer reviewer, please submit a statement of interest along with a CV (or, for doctoral students, a recommendation letter from a mentor or supervisor).

To volunteer as a peer reviewer, please submit the following to the editor in chief at


  • Statement of interest
  • CV

Doctoral students

  • Statement of interest
  • Recommendation letter from a mentor or supervisor

The editorial staff will respond to interested reviewers for additional information and/or to discuss next steps.